London’s 5 Instagram Perfect Locations For A City Break

image of london tube station

London’s 5 Instagram Perfect Locations For A City Break

  • October 5, 2017

 Everyone loves scrolling down and exploring Instagram. It is a great source of inspiration for travellers, photographers, bloggers, artists, and many more. If you want to share amazing photographs and get a long follower base, London is the perfect spot for it. With a few simple tips and tricks, you could have everyone waiting for your next photograph to go online.

London remains covered in dark clouds and gray skies. If you are at the right place at the right time, clicking the perfect picture will not be difficult. Here is a list of five Instagram worthy locations in London that you must visit and take photos at. The beauty of the places will enchant you and your followers. Read along to find out.


  1. Sketch: The Alice in Wonderland of all restaurants


There are many Michelin star restaurants and an abundance of high-end luxury accommodation in London. However, nothing compares to the beautiful restaurant Sketch, which falls in a unique category.

Its remarkable Alice in Wonderland like interior decor, pink couches and tables, the Georgian townhouse, and the egg-shaped cubicles are some of the most attractive features of this restaurant. Posing with your friends or clicking selfies with a magical rosy backdrop can create gorgeous Instagram photographs.


  1. Covent Garden: The forever loved shopping emporium of Londoners


The Covent Garden is an ancient and one of the busiest tourist spots in London, which attracts people from everywhere It has a stunning architecture with tons of natural light brightening up the grand interiors. There are clusters of floral arrangements and balloons which ornament the massive arches. It is a place which has a plethora of colours everywhere. There are many unique designs , tiny details and decorations which impart a bewildering look to the place.


While you are at it, you can do some shopping and get souvenirs for your friends and family. Also, there are many small eateries and nice restaurants where you can click your delicious meals. Walk around Covent garden and you will come across high streets with ancient buildings and noteworthy architecture.


  1. The famous Highgate cemetery for a dark twist


Add a touch of eerie beauty to your Instagram to give it a different flavor. The morbid and creepy, yet, the exquisitely beautiful Highgate Cemetery, is one of the most recognized cemeteries in London. Exploring this graveyard will surely take up a long time because it encompasses a massive area.

Extraordinary status of angels with eye-piercing expressions that look as good as real, can form a great backdrop for your Instagram photographs. The Highgate Cemetery beholds many such marvels and wonders. Strangely enough, there is a grand piano which fills the graveyard where eminent personalities like George Eliot and Karl Marx are buried.

The different designs, minute details, and the intricate carvings of the tombs will surely leave you wondering about the Victorian artisans. You can pose near the famous tombs, the old walls or the lush green of the graveyard.


  1. St. Paul’s Cathedral: The iconic church of all times

This list will surely not be complete without a mention of the iconic St. Paul’s cathedral. It is a popular Instagram photograph destination which offers excellent photography spots from many angles. Nothing can keep your photo from looking astounding when you are posing at a place with a classic architectural background.

You can click some fun photos while you step down from bridge or walk along the stretches of South Bank. From time to time, you will find the bubble man who creates bubbles that float all around you. If you are lucky, your photo could have the sunshine streaming through the bubbles.


  1. London is the perfect place for Street art Instagram photography

If you take a short walk around London, you will find the entire city filled with street art. Paintings on walls, permanent art installations, informal creations, statues, temporary installations, powerful slogans, and lots more in every corner of the town. It is a common sight to see hoards of photographers clicking art from many angles on the streets.

Take a walking tour alone, or with a friend, or join a photography group and fill your Instagram with colours. Make sure that you have a good battery backup because there is no end to the high-end street art all around.

Shoreditch has a guaranteed selection of street art. Some other popular spots where artists and photographers frequent are Chance Street, Village Underground, Great Eastern Street and New Inn Yard.

Whether you are dining at the London floating restaurant or staying at a luxury accommodation in London, you will always find something worth a picture on looking around. The five locations mentioned in this list are the top Instagram-special places which you must drop by, if you happen to be in London.


Ronak Patel is a Founder & Managing Director of Altitude Lifestyle – a Global Digital Marketing Agency.